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Glink for iOS 2.4.6 is now available on the App Store!

In this release we have assigned a session number to the sessions when running multiple concurrent sessions, we have added options to ignore alarms from the host and key input alarms. There are also other minor corrections and improvements in this version.

Release 2.4.6

  • Session number assigned to session when running multiple concurrent sessions

  • Added option for ignoring alarms sent by the host application

  • Added option for ignoring key input error alarms

  • Added Newline as configurable command (5250)

  • Fixed problem if host application sets illegal cursor position (3270)

  • Fixed problem with remapping of some special keyboard keys (Zebra devices)

  • Minor corrections and improvements

The upgrade is free for customers who purchased earlier versions of the Glink for iOS product.

For more information see:

or see the product preview in iTunes:

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