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Glink for Windows

Glink for Windows VT220 terminal emulation with Telnet connection to Linux

Terminal emulator for Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 and Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019 and 2022

Glink is used to access applications running on UNIX/Linux, IBM and Bull enterprise servers. 

Glink is a fast, efficient, reliable and highly functional terminal emulator for connecting Windows workstations or servers to legacy business applications running on enterprise systems.

Glink is probably the only terminal emulator on the market with an unbroken development and support chain from a single company for more than 40 years!

  • Glink provides fast and efficient file transfer between legacy systems and Windows platforms

  • Glink's unique script language acts as a face-lifting and automation tool for improving the ease of use and efficiency of the user interface to legacy business applications

  • Glink's API provides emulation services to Windows applications that need access to legacy systems

  • Glink's API provides emulation services to business programs running on application servers, enabling them to interact with legacy business applications on enterprise systems

Professional and Enterprise Edition

There are two editions of Glink for Windows: the Professional Edition and the Enterprise Edition

  • The Professional Edition is intended for workstation usage, and is licensed by number of seats i.e. the number of workstations on which it is installed or used. Glink Professional Edition includes the Glink workstation APIs  for application development, but the Professional Edition is restricted to 5 sessions for workstation application programs using the API. Small licenses of the Professional Edition can be purchased in the G&R web shop. For bigger licenses, contact us or a partner for a quote.

  • The Enterprise Edition is licensed by number of concurrent sessions, regardless of the number of potential users or workstations. It comes with a license server that manages the concurrent licenses in use. Contact us or one of our partners for a quote.

Glink Open, Glink and Glink with G&R/DGA

Glink for Windows is available as 3 different products

  • Glink Open, Professional and Enterprise Edition, offering only VTnnn/ANSI terminal emulation for access to AIX/Unix/Linux hosts using Telnet, rlogin, SSL and SSH

  • Glink, Professional and Enterprise Edition, offering all terminal emulation protocols and communication protocols except G&R/DGA

  • Glink with G&R/DGA, Professional and Enterprise Edition, offering all terminal emulation protocols and communication protocols including G&R/DGA for direct connections to Bull GCOS mainframes

Windows support

Glink for Windows is supported on all Windows releases currently supported by Microsoft.

As Microsoft releases new versions of Windows, new updates or releases of Glink Professional and Enterprise Edition will be qualified for the new Windows platforms

Microsoft releases new versions of Windows regularly. New versions of Windows can, and have, caused legitimate Windows programs, used in production environments, to fail. These programs must be updated in order to overcome whatever incompatibility Microsoft has introduced before they will work with the new release. This applies to Microsoft's own programs as well as to those from other suppliers.

Gallagher & Robertson support policy

G&R policy is that we will qualify our products on the Windows versions that are supported by Microsoft at the time of release of our product. Thereafter for each new version of Windows released by Microsoft, we will qualify those of our products that are still being supported by us, and issue an update or new release that is qualified for the new Windows version. Updates and new releases are delivered free of charge to those of our customers who have a support agreement. Customers with no support agreement, and who wish to move to an update or release that is qualified for a new version of Windows must purchase the release or update they need.

Feature Overview

Glink meets all your terminal emulation and communications needs in a single package. You can standardize on Glink across mainframe access types and other communication needs.



  • Bull VIP7700, VIP7760, VIP7800, VIP8800, HDS, Questar DKU7107, DKU7211, DKU7102

  • IBM 3270 with GDDM graphics, IBM 5250, IBM 3151

  • VT52, VT100, VT220, VT340, VT420 with Regis graphics

  • ANSI

  • Prestel and Minitel

File transfers


  • FTP

  • Bull UFT (DGA required), MICROFIT, FTRAN, GKRModem


  • Kermit, Xmodem, Ymodem/batch/G, Modem-7, Telink and Zm

Integration with Windows apps, standard or user-written


  • Powerful script language

  • .NET, COM+, OLE Automation

  • UVTI, HLLAPI and EHLLAPI application programming interfaces

Communication protocols


  • Bull DSA over RFC1006 on TCP/IP

  • G&R/Ggate


  • TN3270, TN3270E, TN5250

  • Telnet

  • Proprietary gateways (Atlantis, Eicon)

  • Dial-up lines, direct or using Telephony



  • SSL/TLS for all TCP/IP protocols

  • SSH for direct communication with the SSH Daemon

  • SSH tunneling for all standard TCP/IP protocols, such as Telnet

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