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Support Organization

Our support is organized in three tiers: local support by our local partner, central support here at G&R, and developer support whenever a problem is found to be located in a G&R product, for example one of the Glink terminal emulator applications.


Download support

G&R support begins when you download an evaluation copy of a product. Our download support is ready to answer your queries, look at any problems you have getting started, and analyze any problems you might have in using the product in your own environment. If you choose to obtain an evaluation copy from one of our distributors in your own area, then that distributor will provide evaluation support in your local language and time-zone, using our support organization for back-up as necessary.


Partner support

When you decide to license the product, and a production version is supplied by the local partner, the local partner becomes your primary interface for support. Our partners are all trained in supporting G&R products and have considerable local expertise, but they are also very aware of our responsive support policy, and know that they can involve us immediately for second line support as necessary.

Developer support

One of the great differences between G&R and our competitors is the tight bond between our support organization and the product development teams. G&R products are designed for efficient support. Each and every product is equipped with diagnostic tools designed in cooperation between support and the development team. These tools enable our distributors to document problems for our support, who can then quickly identify those problems caused by a real fault in the product, and point the development team directly to the faulty function. The same diagnostic tools allow our support to verify that the fix or work-around coming back from the development team actually solves the customer problem. This gives us a turn-around time on customer problems that is unrivaled in the market. That same tight bonding makes it possible for our distributors to discuss a customer request for new functionality with our support, who can then suggest an implementation, and get a timely response from the development team involved. Our aim is to deliver not just a product, but satisfaction to our customers.


Support agreement

You can extend support beyond the warranty period by signing a support agreement. This ensures that you have the same excellent support available if changes in your mission-critical business system cause problems in the future. You need to know that if an upgrade of another component of your system introduces an incompatibility that causes a failure, then G&R support will be there to provide you with an update that corrects the problem. Of course the same applies if an upgrade to another component introduces new functionality and an opportunity to improve your system; you need to know that G&R support will provide you with an update that allows you to use the new functionality.

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