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GlinkProxy is a session persistence server for Glink Terminal Emulation clients

Session Persistence Server for Glink Terminal Emulation Clients


GlinkProxy is a server application designed to provide persistent host connections for Glink clients running on Windows, Android and iOS platforms where the connection from the client device is unreliable. This may be because the device enters sleep mode or goes out of Wi-Fi range. If the client connection to the proxy server is lost for some reason, the server will retain the connection to the host. This allows the client to reconnect to the server again and continue seamlessly from the point at which the connection was lost.

The GlinkProxy server runs on a Windows server and it will support large numbers of client sessions on commodity hardware, for example 5000 sessions running a total load of 1000 transactions per second. Simultaneous connections to multiple hosts using different terminal protocols are supported transparently. GlinkProxy supports TN250, TN3270, Telnet, TNVIP and Ggate communication protocols.

This is how it works:

  1. Glink connects to the GlinkProxy application server

  2. GlinkProxy connects to the host application and establishes a session with the host on behalf of Glink

  3. GlinkProxy maintains the host connection, even if the connection between Glink and GlinkProxy goes idle or dead.

    You can configure how long GlinkProxy should maintain the host connection after the connection between Glink and GlinkProxy has been terminated.

  4. When a Glink client reconnects after having been idle or lost the connection, the GlinkProxy server sends the session information to Glink and Glink continues the session

When to use GlinkProxy:

  • Your Wi-Fi network does not cover all areas where your devices are used equally well. There may be small areas without coverage, or the device may lose its network connection for a moment when switching from one Access Point to another, causing the host connection to drop

  • Your devices are not continuously in use all the time. The users may be interrupted from time to time or their work process is such that their device often is idle long enough for the device to enter sleep/lock mode, with the result that the host connection is dropped. Both Glink for Android and iOS have an option that instructs Android to Never Auto-Lock when connected, but you do not want to use this option because of battery usage.

  • Your users use multiple applications on their devices and Glink is one of them. When one of the other applications is in use and Glink is put in background, Android may disconnect Glink's host session, so the user must reconnect when Glink is brought back in focus.

How GlinkProxy is useful in these cases:

GlinkProxy will retain the connection to the host when Glink has lost its network connection because it is out of Wi-Fi range, idle, in sleep mode or put in the background. If keepalive is configured, GlinkProxy will send keepalive packets to the host to avoid that the host disconnects the session due to inactivity. When Glink reconnects, GlinkProxy allows it to continue as if it had not been disconnected. The host is unaware of the disconnect

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