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Support agreement

A support agreement entitles you to report problems and receive corrections. This includes both problems in the G&R software product, but also problems caused by updates or upgrades to the platform on which the G&R product is installed (a new Windows, AIX/Linux or Android/iOS release), or to which the G&R product connects. The agreement applies until terminated for as long as G&R supports the G&R product and the platform on which it runs, or to which it connects. Additionally it entitles you to significant discounts if you extend the license to cover more workstations or sessions, or if you upgrade to a more powerful or functional version of the G&R software product. Keep in mind that we continuously add new features to the Glink terminal emulator applications and the server applications supporting them. 




This includes prompt turnaround on all problem reports, periodic updates with corrections and minor releases with improvements. 


Please note that a support agreement must be purchased at the same time as the license and renewed before the support period expires. Support is offered for 1 to 5 years, with a discount if you purchase for a longer support period than 1 year. You cannot enter into a support agreement later if you meet a problem and need an update, in the same way as you cannot buy insurance after an accident.


Customers without a support agreement must license a new version of the G&R product to solve problems caused by updates or upgrades to the platform on which the G&R product runs, or is connected.

Updates for customers with support


G&R products are qualified for the platforms on which they run, or to which they connect, at the time of the release of the G&R product. Subsequent updates or upgrades of the platform can introduce incompatibilities, causing failure of the G&R product through no fault of its own. Problems of this kind are solved by releasing an update to the G&R product that has been qualified for the new platform, for as long as G&R support the G&R product and the platform. These updates are provided at no charge to the customers with support agreements.

Discounts for customers with support


License extensions are available at significant discounts. This gives important savings when extending a large license that has a heavy volume discount, since the same discount is applied to the extension.


Upgrades are also discounted. This preserves your original investment, and allows migration to a more powerful or functional version at a lower cost.

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