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Glink for iOS 2.4.5 is now available on the App Store!

In this release we have added the possibility to use client certificates for SSL/TLS connections, we have improved the handling of external keyboards and scanners and we support encrypted communication with GlinkProxy. There are also other minor corrections and improvements in this version.

Release 2.4.5

  • Support of client certificate for SSL/TLS connections

  • Improved external keyboard/scanner handling

  • Encrypted communication with GlinkProxy

  • Fixed rare issue with save of settings

  • Minor corrections and improvements

Support of client certificates for SSL/TLS connections

This version of Glink supports the use of client certificates for SSL/TLS connections. PSKC #12 certificates (.p12 files) can be imported into Glink's certificate store and used for connections to SSL/TLS servers.

Improved external keyboard/scanner handling

This version has been improved when it comes to handling of physical keyboards and external scanners.

Encrypted communication with GlinkProxy

This version introduces support for encrypted communication with GlinkProxy, meaning that it will be unreadable to people using network analyzers.

The upgrade is free for customers who purchased earlier versions of the Glink for iOS product.

For more information see:

or see the product preview in iTunes:

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