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How to collect and export a debug trace and config file

Below you will find the information about how to enable, capture and export a Glink debug file. If you experience an issue in Glink with your server application  and would like to have some advise from us (G&R) on how to solve it, we would very much like to see a debug trace that documents what is sent between Glink and the server application, starting from Glink is connected to the server up to the point where you see the unexpected display in Glink. If we have a copy of your configuration file and such a debug trace, we will be able to simulate and replay your situation in our lab. 

Enable, capture and export debug file
  1. Enable debug mode: Tap Menu -> Debug Mode (image 1 below)


  2. Return to emulation screen and tap Disconnect + Connect

  3. Interact with the host application until you have collected the request information

  4. Send debug trace fil: tap Debug icon -> Menu -> Mail to send debug file as file attachment.



















An alternative is to connect the device to a PC with an USB cable and copy the debug file

<Internal storage> /Android/Data/no.gar.glinkXXX/files/debug.txt

from the mobile computer to the PC.


Export configuration file


The Glink configuration file (config.glinki) you can either send directly by e-mail from the device (Menu -> Export configuration) or first export to file system and then copy to PC (Menu -> Sessions -> Menu -> Export).


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