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Glink VT for Android is used to access applications running on DEC, AIX, UNIX, Linux, Windows and IBM servers. Glink VT emulates the DEC VT420, VT320/340, VT220, VT102 and ANSI 3.64 terminals. The Telnet or SSH protocol is used for communication with the hosts.


Note that the prices quoted here is for small number of licenses (<100) purchased on-line in the G&R webshop. We offer bigger discounts, the larger number of licenses you purchase. For larger number of licenses you should contact a partner, or e-mail us at for a quote.


We recommend that you add the support option to your purchase, because it will give you free access to new versions of the product with corrections and new features during the support period. We will also allow you to extend your license with a discount that corresponds to your license size.


Please also contact us at at if there is an issue with our payment provider, Stripe.

Glink VT for Android

    Buy more - Pay less!

    Increased discount the more you buy

    Bulk discount is shown in the Cart

    Remember to include support!

    New versions with corrections and new features for free during support period

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