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How to activate and deactivate Glink?

Glink needs a license to run, and if Glink does not find a valid license at startup, it will show the Activation screen. If you need to reset your device or you want to move your Glink license to a different device, you must deactivate the Glink license on your device first.



The first time you start Glink for Android, you must activate it. Tap ACTIVATE on the top right of the display, enter the Activation code and tap ACTIVATE again. The Activation code can be scanned from a barcode or prefilled by your MDM if your device is managed by a MDM system.

Glink for Android will now connect to the G&R license server to obtain a license.


Deactivate license

Deactivate license from «Menu -> About Glink»

1.    Tap Menu -> About Glink to get to the About Glink screen 
2.    Tap DEACTIVATE LICENSE at the bottom left of the screen 
3.    Tap OK two times in the following screens


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