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How can I change the font size?

You configure the font size in Glink with the parameter Menu -> Settings -> Screen options -> Font size.

This option defines the initial font size to be used when Glink is started. If a large font is selected, some part of the screen display may not be visible without scrolling to it.

The Font size can be set to a specific size between 6 and 36, but it can also be set to Auto or Fit screen. If you have a large display, you probably want to set it to Fit screen. With this setting Glink will select the best font size and stretch/ squeeze it to fill the entire screen. If you select Auto, Glink will normally display all rows in portrait mode and all columns in landscape mode, the rest of the host screen can be dragged into view by tap-and-drag left/right/up/down on the screen.


Limit screen view (x,y) is very useful if your host application only use the upper left part of the screen, for example 20 columns and 10 rows. Then you would set this parameter to 20,10 and maybe combine it with Font size Fit Screen.

Here are some examples of how you can use Font size parameter and Limit screen view (x,y) parameter. If the terminal has 80 or 132 columns and 24 rows, but your application only uses 20 columns and 10 rows, it makes no sense to show columns above 20 or rows below 10 to the user. See example below:









































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