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What is the Glink Device Id and why must I Deactivate my license before I do a factory reset and reactivate after the reset?

The Glink Device Id is a unique identifier for each device that is calculated from the unique Android Device Id. The Glink Device Id must match the Glink Device Id located in the license file on the device. During the Activation process Glink sends the Glink Device Id to the license server and gets a license file for this device id back from the server. During the Deactivation process Glink sends the Glink Device Identification to the license server and request a release of the license registered for this device id.

The Glink Device id is calculated from the Android device id, so you must keep in mind that the Android device id (and the Glink Device Id) changes if/when you factory reset/rebuild the device. That means that you must deactivate your current license BEFORE you do a reset/rebuild to be able to release your license and that you must reactivate to download a new license file after a reset/rebuild of your device. If you forget to deactivate your license before you reset the device and reactivate, you will end up consuming two licenses for your device. If all your licenses are in use, your reactivation will fail. In this case you must contact your provider of Glink and request a license release. This will also be the case if you have a hardware failure and are not able to deactivate the license from Glink.



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