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Can I record a macro and map it to a key?

Yes, you can. In the emulator window, you tap Menu -> Record macro, then you select Record keyboard macro and tap OK.

When recording a macro, you can use the Pause button next to the Enter button to specify that you want to wait for user input or that the execution of the macro should pause a number of milliseconds at this stage. This is useful if the host unlocks the keyboard and allows keyboard-/macro-input before it has completed its output to the terminal. User input can be collected at macro startup or at the stage where the input is required.


When you are at the end of the macro function you wanted to record, you go to Menu -> Record Macro and press a key that you want to map the recorded macro to. The macro will now be saved to the key you pressed. If you made a typing error during the recording, you must tap Cancel in Menu -> Record Macro to delete the recorded macro and go back to the main screen. Keyboard macros are removed when you remove their keyboard mapping from Menu -> Settings -> Keyboard setup -> Keyboard mapping


Pause the macro

At any point during the macro recording sequence, you can specify that the execution of the macro can be suspended for either user input or for a time interval.


Wait for user input

Header text

Specify the prompt value.


Ask user at macro start

The user is requested for input either at startup or at the stage where the input is required.



If checked, the input field is set as a password entry field.


Input value

You can also specify an input value that is added to the current screen but not recorded. For example, if a password is requested, your password should not be recorded if recording is to continue.


Wait for a time interval

Specify the number of milliseconds the macro should be suspended at this stage.

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