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Can I customize the Glink Toolbar?

Yes, you can. You can add, remove, modify all the buttons and the toolbar rows. You can change the button size, you can add a click sound, vibration and/or a popup when a toolbar button is tapped, 

The toolbar can be configured to show a single-line toolbar with a select button to step through the toolbar lines or as a multiline toolbar to show all the toolbar lines. Even when the multiline toolbar option is selected, Glink will in most cases use the single-line toolbar to save space when the keyboard is up. The default value for this option is to use multiline toolbar for a big screen (for example tablet) and single line for a small screen (for example phone).

The default toolbars differ from emulation to emulation, but in general there is one for cursor movements, one or two for function keys and one for other keys. All toolbars can be customized to your needs, and you can add macros to all of them with your own text on the buttons. The toolbar area becomes horizontally scrollable if there are more buttons defined than can be displayed on the screen. Go to Menu -> Settings -> Toolbar setup to customize your toolbar, or to Menu -> Settings -> Screen options to change the setting of the Use multiline toolbar option.



























Toolbar setup


This option allows you to add new buttons to the current position in the current toolbar, so before tapping Add select the toolbar and toolbar-position where you want to add the new button(s). From the Add button screen you can select one or more buttons to be added. The button can either be used to activate a predefined function (key) or a Macro. Tap Save when you have completed your selection. If you decided to add a Macro, use the Modifiy menu function to set the button name and the macro string to be executed. See Macro string section below on how to define a macro string.


Note that the simplest way to define a Toolbar macro is to use the macro-recording feature available from Menu > Record macro. See the help page for Record macro.


Each button in a toolbar can be modified by Modify menu function. You can modify the text displayed on the button for this function by editing the Button text field. If the Button selected is a Macro, you must define the Macro string to be executed when the button is tapped.



Use the Remove menu function to remove a button from the toolbar. The last button removed can be added again using the Paste menu function. Select a new position to paste the button at a new location.



See Remove menu function above.


Add toolbar

This option allows you to add new buttons to a new toolbar. From the Add toolbar screen you can select one or more buttons to be inserted. Tap Save when you have completed your selection.


Button size

This option allows you to adjust the width and height for all the toolbar buttons with a scaling factor (from 0.2 to 5.0).


Please note that the width for an individual button can be doubled by preceding the button text with a * (star). If the button text starts with **, the button width will be tripled and so on. For example, if the button text is modified from Enter to *Enter, the button text shown is Enter but the button width is doubled.


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