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Glink for iOS 2.4.1 is now available on the App Store!

In this release we have added the possibility to add user name and password to the Telnet/TN5250/TN3270 configuration for auto login to the host. We have also added the possibility to define your own configuration templates for creation of new sessions, added Line mode to the VT emulation and an option to perform FldExit after a Barcode scan in the 5250 emulation. There are also other minor corrections and improvements in this version.

Release 2.4.1

  • Auto login with username/password

  • Customizable configuration templates

  • VT: Line mode

  • 5250: FldExit added to Action after scan

  • Minor corrections and improvements

The upgrade is free for customers who purchased earlier versions of the Glink for iOS product.

For more information see:

Glink for iOS

or see the product preview in iTunes:

Glink preview in iTunes

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